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🧡💛💚 DOPAMINE DRESSING: The Fashion Trend That Will Boost Your Mood! 🧡💛💚

🧡💛💚 DOPAMINE DRESSING: The Fashion Trend That Will Boost Your Mood! 🧡💛💚

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The ‘Dopamine Dressing’ trend is an incredibly simple way to boost your mood.
This trend is set to cheer you and your wardrobe up this season…And here's why you should shop for it!

Dopamine dressing is one of the biggest fashion trends 2022 has to offer. The runways and fashion shows this year are full of optimism and colorful bright looks, from hot pink to electric blue to acid green.

It may be hard to believe that a brightly-colored pair of jeans or a colorful top will make you feel happier simply by releasing the chemical dopamine, responsible for motivation, happiness, and feeling good.

The right bright colors can also actually boost the appearance of your skin, making you look (and likely feel) more youthful and happy.

Bright and bold colors will not only offer cheer on the dullest of days, but, if chosen well, will enhance and warm your complexion, giving your face a new radiance that a basic black top certainly won’t.

We don't expect this trend to leave anytime soon, after all, we all need a little fashion boost right now.

It is time to welcome and fill your wardrobe with some with bright greens, pinks, yellows, and orange tones.
Give your wardrobe a burst of color with our latest collection of brights!

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